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You can chose between lots of nice day trips on the bike if you start from Tynnøl. The trips can be long or short, challenging or easy. We will give you a few suggestions:

  1. Bygdatunet (rural museum) 11,5 km.
    Round trip. Gravel and paved road. Goes down to the river with canals, birds and beaches. Some hills up to the church and rural museum. Return on the flat cycle path along the main road.
  2. Lorkverna (old mill) 21,5 km.
    Round trip. Gravel, paved road and forest track. Almost flat. Go down to the river and cycle along it towards the west. While cycling on Lesjaleira you pass canals, bridges, beaches and farms. Rich bird life. The old mill, Lorkverna, stands in the forest on the bank of the river Lora. Return on the cycle road along the main road.
  3. Dalsida 40 km.
    Mostly gravel. Hilly. Dalsida is a mountain valley with summer farms, lakes and wild nature. Return the same way.

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